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Blog "Черногория"

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Dear friends!

On this Monday, the initiative group published an open petition to Russian organizations responsible for international politics, that in fact, under the guise of "patriotic movement" and "fighting against NATO", activities are carried out to intimidate a number of our fellow citizens . The unprecedented slander campaign, unfolded by an ambiguous character, Striga Veniamin Anatolyevich, and Galitsky Alexei Igorevich, was reduced to sending out threats (about criminal persecution) on behalf of their organization (BAFRO) to those who signed the petition.

In addition, the above-mentioned citizens of the Russian Federation do not shy away from open accusations of me personally and my friends in ... subversive work with aggravating in favor of another state! I regard this as a publication of knowingly false information. And this is not a fine. To act by such methods as are used by Galitsky and Striga = to sign a verdict.

See also Internet harassment of compatriots in Montenegro

Here are the comments of Halytsky regarding our petition (in which, I once again publicly state, the truth is stated):

Галицкий Подрывная работа

And here is what the master of "false lies" writes, Mr. (not to be confused with Mr.) Striga Veniamin:

Угрозы от Стриги


Threats, and even hints of physical harm, come to all signatories of the petition. This is bad.

But not so terrible Striga as his Galician. The events of the last 24 hours speak of one thing - they are in a panic.

And right cool After all, a team of lawyers and lawyers prepares materials necessary for submission to the courts and the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation. Also, to all who feel fear and pressure from the above-mentioned "false patriots", I want to remind you that your signature under the petition will not do you any harm - according to the law only if you are aware that you are signing knowingly false information, you can bear responsibility under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. In all other cases, the maximum penalty is fine. But Striga and Galitsky are no longer fined. They know that they publish lies. And we, of course, will easily prove it - we have everything for this.

Sign our petition - https://montenegro.qwerty.blog/6140

The information stated in the petition is the TRUTH!

And we are not afraid to bear responsibility for this truth :)

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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