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Dear Hristo,

Not without curiosity I read your material, published on the Bellingcat resource, about "investigating the connection between the suspect in preparing the coup in Montenegro and the ultranationalist organization supported by Russia."

At once I want to make a reservation and warn that I am not a member of the "pro-Kremlin" organizations and I occupy the moderate-opposition side rather. Nevertheless, living in Montenegro and Serbia, I know personally the persons mentioned in the investigation, as well as members of organizations of Russian-speaking diasporas - both in Serbia and Montenegro.

I do not presume to refute the presence or absence of any relationship between Russian-backed organizations in organizing a coup in Montenegro. Nevertheless, I want to draw your attention not only to obvious contradictions, but also to gross mistakes in some statements that are "key" in your investigation.

Also, I invite you to an open discussion. I am ready to apologize if I am wrong.

So, the investigation you published is based on links and unchecked excerpts from open sources, as well as on analysis of photos and messages posted on social networks.

I was personally indignant with Section 2 of your investigation. Starting with the title of this section.

The heading reads: " Section 2. The Montenegrin organization of Russian-speaking diasporas is under the control of people who have the support of the Russian government and is associated with" Night Wolves "who arrange motorcycle" pilgrimages "to promote ideas of common ethnicity and religion. " - we will analyze it.

The Russian-speaking diaspora in Montenegro is represented by several organizations. One of them is the MRE Foundation (Russian-speaking Diaspora of Montenegro) - this organization has never been under the control of people or organizations close to the Kremlin. Moreover, the MAP not only positions itself as an organization "outside politics", but also in every possible way fences off radical personalities. Such, for example, as Alexei Galitsky - is the only member of the Russian motorcycle club "Night Wolves," who once lived in Montenegro and was in the organizations of compatriots (to my great regret, I know him personally) - neither Alexei Galitsky nor Benjamin Striga was never a member of the MRE organization. Moreover, Alexei Galitsky has a scandalous reputation among Russian compatriots due to the family scandal associated with the assault on Galitsky, which was discussed in the vastness of Facebook for quite a long time. As for another organization known in the community (RCSSS or the Coordinating Council of the Organizations of Russian Compatriots), Galitsky and Striga were withdrawn from the organization as early as 2015 with the formulation " For unethical behavior and discrediting the activities of the Coordination Council ." The CORSA acts in accordance with the provisions of the WCDR and is also "out of politics". Galitsky is not the chairman of the RCSS (which he claims) - this is the lie of Galitsky himself. The powers of the acting chairman of the RCSSA Oksana Frenkel can be checked on the website of the VKSRC - http://vksrs.com/koordinatsionnye-sovety/map/me/ , on the website of the RCSS itself - http://ksors.ru and on the website of the RF Embassy in Montenegro.

As you understand, Galitsky is the only representative of the "Night Wolves" who once lived in Montenegro and tried to engage in public activities (a year later as Galitsky resides in Russia), but he did not "go" either - he 1) 2) Alexei G. not only does not control (as you write) the Russian-speaking diaspora, but is scandalously known and has absolutely NO (!) authority among Russian-speaking compatriots living in Montenegro.

Galitsky and Striga were "not happy" with their "dismissal" from public organizations in Montenegro and after leaving for Russia organized the organization mentioned by you - BFRO. This mythical organization consists of 2 people (including Galitsky himself and Strigu). Moreover, on the website of the BFRO it is stated that this organization is (I quote) " restructuring the RCSS " - this is a lie. In addition, the BFRO website uses the XORC logo - this is illegal. BFRO does not relate to either the RCRSA, the MAP, or any other organization in Montenegro. Moreover, the news published on the website of the BFRO (about the events held by the BFRO) do not have ANY relation to this organization. So, holidays and cultural events of compatriots in Montenegro are held either by CORS, or the MAP, but not by BABRO - the news about events is used by BFRR to create "the appearance of stormy activity." I will not say unequivocally, but it can be assumed that the "mythical" organization of the BFRO was created with one single goal - to imitate the stormy activities in the Balkans and receive grants from Russian structures solely for the purpose of personal enrichment of Alexei Galitsky and Benjamin Striga.


Dear Hristo. The activities of Benjamin Strigi and Alexei Galitsky (residing, I emphasize, in Russia) have nothing to do with patriotism or pro-Kremlin forces - these are purely activities with the aim, most likely, of personal enrichment of the founders of BFRO. This organization is known only for publications and has absolutely no weight and influence among Russian citizens living in the Balkans.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the mention of Galitsky and Striga in your investigation is not only erroneous (taking into account the above arguments), but it also harms this investigation by the hand of Galitsky and Striga. It forms from these scandalous and useless characters "the image of the heroes of Russia," working for the benefit of the fatherland abroad. " This will help them in the future in obtaining additional support and grants from Russian state structures, which are also misinformed by these same persons.

Moreover, we, a group of enterprising citizens of Russia living abroad, signed a petition addressed not only to the President of the Russian Federation, but also to a number of structures related to international activities. This petition asks to draw attention to the activities of the organization BFRO, as well as representing Galitsky and Strigi. Document address - https://montenegro.qwerty.blog/6140

You can answer this open letter to max@qwerty.blog or in the comments to this publication, or by any other method convenient for you.

Sincerely, Novichkov Maxim

This is an automatic translation.
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