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Blog "Черногория"

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To you, Alexey Galitsky and you, Veniamin Striga, I address:

You both consider yourself a patriot and a public figure? So why do you always lie in your publications? Why do you constantly attach yourself to the memory of your ancestors? I would not be disgraced.

Here is another article published on your "pseudo-patriotic" site of the mythical Balkan federation (BFRO) came out and again about the Immortal Regiments. We will analyze it:

You write:

We inform you that the Balkan Federation of Russian-speaking Organizations operates on the basis of the charter and regulations on non-profit (non-state) associations of citizens.

I answer:

False! BFRO is not registered anywhere, this organization exists only in your imagination with Venya. Nobody has ever seen the Charter of the BFDRO, and it is unlikely that it exists in nature and is registered as it should be. And, most likely, this mythical organization was created by you to create the appearance of public activity, for the purpose of further obtaining grants and funding, like many other your organizations (for example, the "Unity" Volunteer Movement Support Center) - believe me, I will personally follow this organization, and my friends will investigate any fact of receipt of funds to your accounts.

Further, you write:

The initiative to organize the procession "Immortal Regiment in Montenegro" was put forward by the participants of the Federation in 2015, as its own civil initiative.

I answer:

False! Firstly, your mythical "pseudo-federation" (if you are about BFRO) at that time. As well as there was no Immortal Regiment in Montenegro. Secondly, you are my initiative, in 2015, the celebration of the Victory Day took place in Montenegro and was organized not by you, but by the then RCSS, whose chairman is Frenkel Oksana.

Likewise, you are lying about the fact that in 2016, more than 400 people gathered for the Immortal Polk shares in Montenegro. Not ashamed? You just "stuck" to ... funeral requiem ! Lord Amphilochius served as a funeral moleben, after which the Procession began, than you used, taking the attributes of the Immortal Regiment Sergei Lapenkov, while referring to the Immortal Regiment of Russia Nikolay Zemtsov - you even managed to get confused here!

Contrary to the wishes not to tie the action of the Immortal Polk with religious activities, they simply joined the participants in the procession and gave out their wishful thinking, allegedly having gathered a large number of participants. But in fact, you just needed an extras that was successfully formed from the parishioners. At the same time, as always inverted, wrote that the participants in the procession were about 400 people, a complete lie! So many people were not there, the number of participants was increased 4.5 times, at the same time they were parishioners, and not the participants of the procession Immortal Polk!

Further, no one knew about this initiative, especially since neither the organizers of the BP and BDP action, nor the "numerous organizers of the march in Russia and abroad" were aware of all this.

All your activity is filling of a site by Rusmonte with other actions with imitation of your participation in published materials. About this we will certainly inform everyone who you are trying to deceive. Guys, business on this you will not succeed.

We all take the responsibility to comment and expose lies and juggling in the materials you publish.

Both of you - a vivid example of political scammers. Such as you are a disgrace to Russia.

As for you, fuss, you on your page in FB call yourself a "public figure in the FS of the State Duma." Listen here, doer. This - another lie - there is no such status, except the status of an assistant to a deputy of the State Duma on a voluntary basis. This status must be earned, and you do not even deserve attention.

Without respect for the addressees,

Me and my friends.

This is an automatic translation.
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