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Montenegro, in which a "very strong" and "very aggressive people" live, can become the cause of the third world war because of the principle of collective defense of NATO, suggested Donald Trump.

The principle of the existence of NATO, in which an attack on one member of the alliance entails the entry of all other states into the war, can easily lead to a third world war, assured US President Donald Trump. In an interview with Fox News, he outlined the hypothetical beginning of a global conflict over Montenegro.

During the conversation between the US president and the presenter, the speech turned to Trump's attitude towards NATO. The US president reaffirmed that he has nothing against the North Atlantic alliance, but he is confident that the rest of NATO members must "pay for it," increasing the share of defense spending after the United States.

Following this, the presenter addressed Trump with the question of the expediency of the fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty. "Membership in NATO imposes an obligation to enter the war if any other country is attacked. Take for example Montenegro (Montenegro became a member of the alliance in 2017. - RBC). Why should my son go to Montenegro to protect her from the attack? "Asked the presenter.

"I'm asking the same question," commented Trump. - Montenegro is a very small country with a very strong people. Montenegrins are a strong people, very aggressive people. They can get angry, and, congratulations, the third world war begins! "- the American president expressed his opinion.

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