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Blog "Черногория"

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Yesterday in the group "Montenegro" the issue of mold in the premises was discussed. Also, in our beloved Montenegro, the issue of winter catarrhal diseases is very acute. This is especially true for families with children. I wrote about quartz rooms. Many interested in the topic and I began to write in a personal. Therefore, I decided to throw you a small article with examples of such lamps, their purpose and value. Do not be lazy - order these devices in Moscow or elsewhere, it will help not only to overcome mold, but also to hurt less - to you and your children.

So, let's go.

The first thing you can order is that here is a "closed type" lamp (so as not to spoil the furniture with UV radiation and, in fact, not harm yourself) - recirculating lamp Biokvarts CH-211-115 (wall-mounted, metal enclosure) . Bactericidal lamp Biokvarc destroys 99% of pathogens and viruses in a room up to 60 cubic meters. both in the presence and absence of people and animals. Reliably protects against cold and flu. For a complete cleaning of the air 30 minutes a day is enough. A special fan continuously drives the air flow through the housing of the device in which the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is placed. Under the influence of the rays of a bactericidal lamp, pathogenic microbes, bacteria and viruses contained in the air are killed. Thus, the air mass is purified and disinfected, and a healthy microclimate is maintained in the room. The processing time depends on the volume and category of the room.

This device will help not only to disinfect the room, but also cope with the mold (although, for this purpose, it is better than an "open type" lamp). Speaking about mold, it should be noted that airing the premises is mandatory, along with the measures taken to combat this fungus.

You can buy such a lamp at https://sve.me/7A

Its cost is about 85 euros. But do not forget to order a special stand for it, so that the lamp is mobile and can be placed in any room. The cost of such a stand is about 20 euros.

There are still options for open UV lamps (they are on the same site), but as they say, such lamps can harm tissues and furniture, but are most likely to be suitable for installation in locker rooms or showers where a sufficient amount of mold accumulates . I read somewhere that open lamps kill mold almost immediately, but it is impossible to use such lamps in the premises where people are (in their presence). It is better to use the lamp I gave above. Reliable and safe.

Also, I want to remind you that irritated mucous membranes of the nose and mouth contribute to the development of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, to help immunity not to get sick and not "notice" the infection I recommend for prevention purposes (and not just when the "cock crawls") use this kind of device you remember, for sure, from childhood - our mothers noses warmed with such a blue lamp - so here it is in a modern version - https://sve.me/7B (approximate cost - 20 euros).

Indications for use:

- ENT diseases, especially in children (rhinitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, maxillary sinusitis, otitis, acute respiratory infections, cold, which occurs without a rise in temperature);
diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and condition after trauma: osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthrosis, arthritis, pain, swelling of the tissues, fractures, sprains, ligament ruptures;
- diseases of the nervous system (neuritis, plexitis, radiculitis, neurosis);
- gastrointestinal pathologies and heart failure (ischemic disease, myocarditis);
- Depression, decreased efficiency, immunity, loss of strength, chronic fatigue syndrome.

The information is taken from the site https://www.dobrota.ru.

This is an automatic translation.
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